Monday, April 14, 2014

could life get any better?

no. I really don't think it could, in case you were wondering. and because we only have a week left of freshmen year, we've been living it up!

Here are just a few of the most recent activities! {in no particular order}

Capture the Flag {boundaries: most of main campus}

This isn't quite the whole group, but still a fantastic picture. What did you do with your friday night?

Hot Springs

The hot springs were quite... hot {shock, yes} but the water fall was freezing cold. Hence the awesome look on our faces in the second picture. This place was so much fun and definitely worth the hour hike in!

General Conference in SLC!

A big group of us went to the Sunday afternoon session of Conference in Salt Lake! {I know... there's only two people in the above picture. I don't feel like downloading and uploading the other pictures}. I'm so grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!

the Temple Square flowers though...

Giant Cardboard Castles.

BYU built the world's largest cardboard box castle again this year. Have I told you that I go to the best university in the world? Oh ok, yeah I do. {ok, so I may be a little biased but it's true!} Also, I made the cougar tweet beat about it. I'm sorta disappointed because none of my good tweets make it, then my sub-par tweets make it #disappointment

just a few quick and recent bragging links {not that I personally have really contributed to this BYU awesomeness, but I still like to brag about it. kay bye}

>>>BYU Mathletes beat Yale and Princeton.
>>>BYU is the #2 school for Entrepreneurship 
>>>Just appreciate how cool this link is.
>>>Also, Provo, UT was ranked the happiest city in the US
>>>Andy Grammer is coming to BYU tomorrow. $5 a ticket. but I forgot to buy a ticket until they were sold out soooo oops. oh well!

Rent-a-Puppy {times two}

Sorry for the picture overload! But guys, you literally pay $15 and someone brings you a puppy then comes back in an hour to pick it up. Whoever came up with the idea is brilliant. So we spent Friday afternoon laying on the grass and playing with puppies. BEST DAY EVER.

Also, are we talking about my love for BYU and the dorms and freshmen year? Because it's real.

The last couple of weeks have also consisted of plenty of In-n-Out, Denny's and Crepes runs, along with HumorU dates {by the way, my sociology TA is in Humor U and he was hilarious. high five for me having a cool TA}, games, late night talks, oh and homework. I know, right? Surprisingly, I've done a ton of homework lately too. And by lately, I mean the entire semester. But that's ok {insert thumbs up emoji here}

Finals start this week! 2 down, 5 more to go! I'm pretty dang nervous for them, and now that I just spent a good 30 minutes on a blog post, I should probably get back to studying {everyone needs a break though, right?!}. Have a great week! (:


p.s. I have just over a week left of freshmen year. I would say that it's bittersweet but that's lying because it's really only bitter. I am sooo not ready to go home for the summer without all these awesome people I've become friends with... seriously though. don't make me go. I would almost rather go through another 14 weeks of classes and constant homework then have to go home for the summer and not be able to have all these crazy adventures.

Last night we took ward pictures at ward prayer {yes, ward prayer is a thing} Photo credit to Zack!

what do you mean there's only one Sunday left in my freshmen year? Where did the time go??


  1. Alright those puppy pictures are so cute! I'm dying. XOXO

  2. So you're finished now!? Wow, you're done so early, that's insane!!!! But totally awesome. I definitely understand the feeling of not wanting to go home. I mean, home is nice and all, but I've met so many people this year and made SO many memories, summer is going to be rough.