Wednesday, April 23, 2014

...and she's off!

Jamaica bound! {with a ten day detour to the Provo MTC that is}

Sam is going into the MTC today, and trust me when I say, I could not be happier for someone! She will be the greatest missionary. Her testimony is so sweet and powerful. She has so much love for everyone she comes in contact with and she's such a hard worker. She and her family spent the night in Provo so I was able to go to their hotel and say goodbye and chat for over an hour {even if it did end in a lot of tears and about 50 hugs before I could leave}

Being best friends with this girl since she moved to Montrose in 8th grade has been the best! We have so many hilarious memories together- from open hour adventures to EFY to girls camp to movie nights and beyond. Her friendship throughout these last few years has been such a blessing in my life... over the last month or so she has given me some of the best advice I've ever gotten. Literally, my prayers have been answered through her tremendous support and advice and friendship! I can't believe that she's already headed out, it feels like she just barely opened her call!

I can't wait for missionary mondays! I'm excited to watch as she progresses through the next 18 months and I'm excited to see where the next few months/years takes us... you never know where we'll end up! Heavenly Father chose the right girl to send to Jamaica!

EFY back in 2010!

girls camp is best when spent with your best friend!

you're looking at the world's best snipe hunters (;

See ya in 18 months or so!


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