Saturday, March 8, 2014

life, lately. {vocal point, comedy sportz, 5Ks, etc}

Hello friends! I have disappeared over the last few weeks... I know. You see, life has gotten hectic. The last few weeks have been full of studying, reading, and writing papers. It's also been full of adventures and late nights and laughter, though--

>>>The weather has been GORGEOUS lately! Hello homework/talking in the sun.

>>>Last weekend we went to Comedy Sportz. It's a comedy show that is completely clean and absolutely hilarious! After, we got pie shakes at Sammy's. {if you haven't been there and you live in provo, you are doing something wrong. they are delicious to say the least}

>>>Cady and I ran a 5K! It was the best (:

>>>Last night we went to BYU's Vocal Point concert!

Here is their latest video:
Guys, the best part about Vocal Point are
1) They actually sound like this in real life
2) This is ALL acapella. it's unbelievable
3) 8/9ths of them are unmarried. and they all sing well {surprise}. I am free next friday, boys.

It was an AWESOME night! Plus, afterwards we got to talk to them. One of them is from Alaska and we had a {relatively short} conversation about how Colorado is great because it's like Alaska. So, I mean, night made.

>>>It was also my first experience with Yogurtland. Ummmm... why have I never been there before??

>>>Cady, Kayla, and I have come to the conclusion that this is our song for the year:

>>>You should see Kayla and I at 1 a.m. By that time, we're just a bit crazy/tired. Those memories though (: The talks and the laughter we have. I'm going to miss Kayla so much!

>>>I went on a few great dates! Including Laser Tagging and going to Five Guys {um. yeah. those fries though.}

>>>Also... in less than ONE WEEK I get to see Katie! She's coming down for the weekend and I am literally counting down the hours {literally. as in, actually. as in, I am seriously counting down.} I am so excited to spend a few days with her! Since I've gotten to college, I've learned just how much I love my best friends.

>>>The past couple weeks have been a little rough, guys. {See Jacob, this is me writing about my feelings on my blog... not just pictures} Sometimes I get really frustrated because I feel like I work so hard but I'm still not doing as well as I want in some of my classes {is it really that difficult to get an A on a test you studied hours and hours for?? Biology and I are not friends, no matter how hard I try.} College is hard because all of a sudden you're expected to make all these decisions that will affect the rest of your life. You have to chose a career and you haven't even been alive for a quarter of your life yet. I spend hours and hours doing homework and I feel like I'm never done. However, I'm so grateful I get to attend this awesome college and I have these awesome friends. No matter how stressed or tired or worried I am, Kayla and Cady are always there for me. So, shout out to the girls that put up with all my worrying!

Today I'm headed to my sister's to celebrate my nephew's birthday {happy birthday Evan!} and spend the night. Oh, and do lots of homework. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend (:


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