Monday, March 10, 2014

Cady and Lexi's questions!

So... Cady tagged me in a question post about a hundred years ago give or take a few, so here goes! {since there were quite a few questions, I didn't answer all of them}

2. What is your favorite way to workout? Why?

RUNNING! Cady {as in the Cady that tagged me in this post} has gotten me hooked on exercising! I love just putting in my headphones, getting on a treadmill {or in good weather, going outside}, turning up the music, and just running. One of my new years resolutions was to run a 5K... but forget that because a 5K is pretty easy... my new goal is to run a half marathon!

3. What is a quote that inspires you?

Just ONE quote??? I seriously love quotes so much. Right now, this would be my favorite one though:

I think this quote is sooo important {obviously, since it's my favorite quote of the day}. You see, no matter what you do, the only one who has the power to stop you... is you. I like to tell myself this a lot. I can do anything I put my mind to. I'm good enough to major in anything, or go anywhere, or do everything. Not in a bragging way, but in a confidence way. Believing in yourself is key.

4. What is your favorite social media site? Why?

t w i t t e r. the end. Why? because it's the only social media that I regularly post on {as in, quite a few times a day, oops} plus, I mean, if you follow me on twitter, you know a pretty honest side of me.

5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

Well, my favorite place {that I've been to} is New York City. I'm not entirely sure I could live there, though, because a) millions of people and b) no stars. But right now, at the golden age of 18, I'm pretty dang excited to live in a huge city... like London.

6. Do you prefer relaxing or busy vacations?

A little bit of both! I mean, if you go on vacation, you have to do all the stuff you can! But also, what's a vacation if it just tires you out?!

7. What are 3 things that never fail to cheer you up?

one. Late night talks with my best friends.

two. Watching movies in movie theaters.

three. Drinking hot chocolate or smoothies {depending on the weather, of course}

Then Lexi from over at Oh, the Places You'll Go also tagged me! {how fun is this?!?}

1. Favorite song for Les Mis?


4. The best book you've ever read.

This changes so much, seriously almost after every single book I read! I guess I'll stick with The Great Gatsby since it's definitely a great classic.

7. Which Disney Princess would you rather trade places with?

Merida! Brave is possibly the best movie ever. Yep. The End.

8. T or F. all's fair in love and war?

False. always false.

9. What frustrates you?

When people say they'll do something and they don't. When people are close minded. When it takes me a long time to fall asleep. The fact that it's basically impossible for me to take naps, even when I really really want to. When I get too worried about something and it starts showing up in my dreams {have I ever told you about my nightmares where I forget to turn in a huge paper? because they happen a lot} When people won't listen to my side of a situation. The fact that my emotions are tied to tears. When people don't believe in me. When I don't believe in me. The fact that my phone takes really crappy pictures and turns itself off or the screen goes crazy. When I want to eat, but nothing sounds good. When I tell people what I'm thinking about majoring in, and they make me feel like I can't do it or I shouldn't. When I forget something I should have remembered. Um... that's all I can think of off the top of my head.

10. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Absolutely not.

11. If you could go anywhere in the US, you've never visited, where would you go?
Seattle! {although after the Super Bowl....... poor, poor Broncos}

Last time I told anyone to answer these questions and then leave a link in the comments... so I think we'll do that again!

1. Dream vacation?
2. Favorite hobby?
3. What would you do with $10,000?
4. If you could do ANYTHING {do anything, go anywhere, meet anyone...} what would it be?
5. What frustrates you?
6. Why do you blog?
7. Favorite movie? Book? Song?
8. What is a little-known fact about yourself?
9. Favorite picture?
10. Are you shy or outgoing?
11. What do you think of your hometown?

And don't forget, anyone can answer these questions and leave a link in the comment so I can stop by and see your answers and so can anyone else!


p.s. I realized that I've been really bad at replying to people's comments on the last few posts... I promise I'll reply to them soon! I Promise!


  1. Ahh you're soooo cute! I love your blog! We are so ridiculously alike! You're studying humanities right? I'm doing English which is a humanities degree! Thank you for answering my questions! You're darling :)

    1. Paris, France or Greece!
    2. I should say reading and going for walks but lets be honest, it's napping.
    3. give 9,700 of it to my parents, save a 100 for myself, and spend the remaining 100 on books/clothes!
    4. ohhh boooy! I would love to visit a 3rd world country for humanitarian service! My life long dream would be to start some sort of charity helping people 3rd world countries along like the lines of going to school, building libraries, or giving them books and teaching them to read and write! I just want to help people!
    5. ohh EVERYTHING! for the most part, people. I like what you said, when people aren't open minded and refuse to hear other peoples opinions and just shove theirs down your throat!
    6. I LOVE to write! And expressing myself. I dream of inspiring people. But I also love to be inspired. So I enjoy reading other peoples expressions as well!
    7. Movie is probably Ever After or Hercules! Book David Copperfield Song, ohh boy, probably faith to fall back on by hunter hayes. Or his new song invisible. pretty much anything by him! (front row to his concert in April... FREAKING OUT!!!)
    8. I looooove biology! Especially genetics! My choice of career number two would be a Health Teacher :)
    9. I don't have a specific one but I find myself pinning lots of pictures of flower gardens or mountains. I'm equally your average grandmother AND grandpa at the same time. what?
    10. I swear I'm the biggest walking contradiction. I'm equally both. Maybe a bit more on the outgoing side. Like I could go up and just talk to any random person, that doesn't scare me but I HATE HATE HATE having all the attention on myself or talking in front of big crowds!
    11. I adore my home town! (Pleasant Grove!) I've lived here my entire life no joke! Same ward and everything. It's my dream to raise my family here too cause It really is my favorite place!

    1. Ah thank you! I went into college planning to study Humanities, but I decided it is no where near the right choice for me! I have quite a few different ideas, and I'm really leaning towards one or two in particular, but I'm waiting to talk about it on the blog until I'm a little bit more sure.
      I love all your answers... Greece. ah yes. And I'm impressed with your love for biology! I'm also very jealous because I dislike my bio class so much haha.
      Thanks for stopping by and answering my questions (:

  2. Hi Erica! I've answered your questions on my blog!
    Check out my answers at
    I'd love your feedback.

  3. You are literally the most adorable person!