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adam's state. all state. dinner theater.

well, here is the post! if you've read my blog before, you know that i'm sort of a choir nerd! and February was FULL of choir!

All State Choir.

first came All State Choir- i was the only one from my school who made it in, and this year my choir director didn't go either, so it was just my mom and i! It turned out to be an AMAZING experience and it totally reminded me why i want to go into choral music education!!!

the best part was that my dad came up for the concert on saturday (since it's tax season, that's a big deal!!). it was supposed to be a surprise, bbuut my mom accidentally mentioned something about it... but i was super happy anyways!!!

there's three choirs, mixed, women's, and men's. last year i was in mixes, so this year i was put in women's... yes, yes i would have LOVED to be in mixed again, but women's was still SOOO GREAT!!!

let me explain about all state. LAST YEAR, re-auditions (yes, RE-auditions) DID NOT GO WELL AT ALL. during re-auditions you have to go into a room, just your and some choir director person, and you have to sing a part of three of the songs, memorized. doesn't sound too bad? WRONG. it's any three of the six pieces, a couple of which are ALWAYS in a different language. it's the hardest parts within those pieces. it's a cd with all the parts but yours. and they just are like "open to page blah blah blah... measure whatever. close your book" *presses play* "now sing". IT IS NERVE-RACKING ok. especially when (last year) one of the pieces is a TEN MINUTE (no exaggeration) LATIN MOZART piece. NOT GOOD AT ALL. i failed the first re-audition. and the second. THEN i had to sing for the chairmen of the board. but don't worry, he told me i knew my part (which was mostly true) and i was just nervous (which was totally true... i had been crying for the last like four hours probably). so THIS YEAR, i made a deal with myself that that wouldn't happen again. so for about three weeks prior to all state, that's all i did: practice. and that, my friends, is why i have a C- in AP US History (don't worry, i'll get it up to an A). the re-audition this year? absolutely wonderful(: i didn't even have to meet with the board chairmen!!

so thankful for my wonderful, supportive parents!!
{please ignore the hideous choir dress}

(this is the women's choir... i'm second row to the top, wayyy on the right, like one person from the end)

So... All-State Choir was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! There's just something so great about being around these phenomenal musicians... just fantastic!

Dinner Theater.

Well, Dinner Theater was the monday night after we got home from All State... if you remember, i was in charge of decorations... which actually ended up me going and getting the stuff from the storage unit with AJ... then leaving the commitee to do it sunday because we were still on our way home :/
however, Jayde basically took charge, listened to my idea for how it'll look, and did it... i swear to you, that girl saved me!!! it looked absolutely WONDERFUL basically totally without my help (:

then came the acts(:

Ashlee, Rachael, and I sang boogie woogie bugle boy... (with MUCH better outfits this time around)

Martell and I sang Jackson by Johnny and June Cash
(the pictures didn't turn out super great)

the whole evening went so well (:

Adam's State Honor Choir. 
("Top of the Nation Honor Choir"... not sure why it's called that)

this was by far the most fun honor choir i've been to! (and i've been to adam's three times, all state two times, and CCD once... sooo that's saying something)


because the group of girls i went with this year were AWESOME!! there was taylor, sam, and jennifer from montrose, and bethany from olathe...

 pizza on friday night(:

 bethany and I!

taylor and jen... just eatin our frozen lemonade or whatever it was(:


 morning coffee (or not if you're me)


 girls gotta have our snacks right?? (:

 we were healthy eaters as you can tell (;

 the whole group!!
left to right: Taylor (she's been to adam's with me all three years!! her voice is AMAZING), Sam, Jennifer, Me, Bethany, and Mrs. E (as we now call her: E-Dawg... and only WE are allowed to call her that because we went on this trip with her! She's our schools librarian, mrs. leu couldn't make it)

 ...with a random girl that jumped in our photo on the right (:

all of us right before the concert (:


adam's was the last honor choir i'll ever go to... it was actually really really bittersweet.
i know i want to move on... go to college, and everything, but i'm going to miss these experiences. when my middle school choir director asked me if i wanted to do choir during high school i said no. it wasn't until the day before freshmen year started that i actually signed up... my mom talked me into it. i went in with a VERY bad attitude. 

and then i loved it.

yeah, i do complain about it, but i wouldn't choose anything different. choir has given me opportunities i couldn't even imagine... and i've loved them all!! i mean, one of my majors in college is going to be choral music education... all because i signed up for women's honor choir in ninth grade!!

here's all the music i've ever learned in honor choirs... 

the best experience i could ask for!!

erica michelle

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