Friday, February 22, 2013

BYU here I come.

yes, my post title looks calm. like, pshhhh, whatevs, i just...


but i AM NOT CALM.

let me tell you the story...

i was sick this morning so i woke up late, checked (BYU's admission site), still no answer. (by the way, i've been checking the actual website and the app every.. ohhhhh, 5 minutes). now, exactly two years ago today was the day zach found out, so i had a sneaking suspicion this would come today. i went to the doctors, i went to school (for ap stats and ap history), i came home, i checked no answer. i start doing random stuff, and, in the middle of cleaning my bathroom, i get on instagram. on instagram i see a picture of a BYU decision from my friend.

i literally throw (ok, instantly drop... still not good) my phone on the floor and go RUNNING (yes, sprinting) into the kitchen and to the computer. my mom's piano student is sitting at the grand piano sorta just looking at me like i had lost it. my mom was on the phone standing by the computer and all i say is "Regan got accepted" then proceed to immediately close out of her stuff and change to my page.

bookmark tab.

log in.

wait wait wait (this probably took 3 seconds tops, but you cannot believe how stressful it was)


byu/fall 2013/...

and there it was. it no longer said "complete", but "admitted"

and at that moment (yes, this sounds a bit corny) i cried just a little bit {ok, a lot}. and screamed (by now i think the piano student and his mom thought i was insane)
ok, actually i sat in my room for another like 5 minutes crying. i was just so dang happy!

and then i read the letter. the one that says this:

Dear Erica:

Congratulations! You have been admitted to Brigham Young University to begin Fall 2013. Through your preparation and personal achievements you have distinguished yourself from a very strong group of applicants. We believe you will make a positive contribution to our BYU community. It is a great pleasure to welcome you to our campus to pursue your educational goals.

and everything... is just perfect.

i think this is what i needed. i've had a lllooonnnggg couple of weeks, and last night i just sorta quit caring. i don't know, i just think this came at the perfect time!

so here i am, a future BYU cougar, zoobie, whaatteevveerr you wanna call it. all i know is,

my life could not be more perfect right now. and i could not be so happy. 

so, here is is... my future college (pictures are not mine, they are from the BYU facebook) 

now where to live?!?!!?!?!

(a very very very happy)
erica michelle


  1. EEERRRRRIIIICCCCAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I yam SOOOOO HAAAPPPPYYYYY FOR YOU!!!!! :D We both get to go to our dream colleges. I knew you'd get in though. I don't know how hard it is to get in, but knowing you, and how much you were freaking out, I imagine very hard. I am sooo proud of you, and happy to say we are friends and not enemies. And I can't wait to travel the world with you. The rest of that plan may not happen, but we are DEFINITELY GOING TO EUROPE TOEGETHER!! (I want to go to Slovakia!) Where is BYU.. Provo means Providence? That's what I've been thinking for a long time, and I'm too lazy to google it. Anyway, I'm pretty excited for you!!! :)

      And it is kinda hard to get in! I mean, obviously it's not on the same level as like harvard and princeton... but it is tough still! The problem is they don't look at weighted grades, which is NO BUENO!!! the average ACT is a 28.2 and a 3.81 UNWEIGHTED GPA. Then ecclesiastical endorsments, millions of essays, short answers, lots and lots of box-checking info, and BAM!!! I got in!! WHOOOOO!!
      And this BYU (the main one) is in Provo, Utah... like an hour from Salt Lake City!!! (Ye, utah, i hate it, but heyyyy, it's where byu is!)
      And IIIIIII can't wait to travel the world wiht you!! IT's going to be FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!! and thank you so very much (:

    2. Utah. That makes sense... ;) Fun fact: Did you know that in order for Utah to join the Union, they had to outlaw polygamy in their Constitution? I learned that in my basic Government class, of which you probably took freshman year.. ;) anyway, awkward/potentially stupid question: is polygamy REALLY a doctrine of Mormonism? For some reason, I don't feel like it is, only in a small group. But I keep hearing about it.

    3. Actually, I did know that!!! And, at one point at te very beginning of the mormon church polygamy actually did happen. I don't know if I'd call it a doctrine, but some men did practice polygamy for various reasons. But it is absolutely NOT a part of our church today. There are no such thing as mormon polygamists today... In fact that'd definitely be AGAINST our religion now. My daddy only have one wife, I only have one mom... Just the usual ya know (:

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    1. thank you very much! i just followed your blog... very cute!

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  4. Congrats on your acceptance to byu! You'll love it! When you get there, be sure to eat at Dave and Cranky Chuckie's. The best restaurant in Provo! Right next to campus. See you there!