Saturday, April 8, 2017

MCOM #9: the Kimberely Process.

Fun fact: I don't want a diamond engagement ring. Weird, right? Most people think that's pretty weird, so I don't usually bring it up. I think that if you want a diamond ring, that's great, go for it. But I don't feel like I need one. My dad bought me a beautiful amethyst ring several years ago. I still am so in love with it and wear it every single day and I can't imagine loving it any more if it was a diamond. I have that same opinion about engagement rings. I don't think I would love a different stone any less and it would be way more unique than getting a diamond ring like over 75 percent of American brides. {that's a real statistic, guys}. This isn't me saying that other people shouldn't have a diamond ring. If you have one, chances are that I think it's beautiful and perfect for YOU, just not me.

Well... I was at a wedding a few weeks ago and I was talking to a girl who just got married. I noticed she had a morganite wedding ring and I asked her why. She told me she read a book called "Blood Diamonds" and after that, she decided she wouldn't ever own diamonds. I was intrigued, to say the least.

So when it came time to pick a topic for my MCOM research paper, I decided to study diamonds. That's when I learned about the Kimberely Process and blood diamonds.

Super simplified, here's what that means: A blood diamond is a diamond used to finance civil wars in poor, African countries. This title doesn't do justice to what that truly means. I bought the book that my friend referenced and I listened to it as I drove home a few weekends ago. The book was heart-breaking. It was the hardest, saddest thing I've ever listened to in my entire life. The Kimberely Process is the attempt to stop these blood diamonds. However, in my research paper, I discuss the downfall of this process. 

Even if the Kimberely Process is effectively stopping the spread of blood diamonds {which it's not, as an FYI}, it still does nothing to address the other human rights issues of child labor and horrible conditions. 

One thing to consider is that not every diamond comes from Africa. In fact, as of the last several years, Russia has become the biggest exporter of diamonds. 

BUT a large part of our diamonds come from Africa. So yeah.

So this was a depressing little blog post but I had to write about something! But this topic is FASCINATING, guys. I think I'll probably talk about this in my next blog post too... {I know, you're over there reading this like "yyaayyy I'm so happy" *to be said in a sarcastic voice*}

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