Thursday, April 20, 2017

MCOM #15: weekend assignment.

Over the weekend we were assigned to serve someone that is more stressed than us. Sometimes I get stuck in my own little world and think "who could possibly be more stressed than I am?" What a joke. I'm a 21-year-old girl living in Utah going to a fantastic school. I really don't have that much stress in my life. Sure, school is extremely stressful, but honestly, how blessed am I to be able to stress about a college education? 

So this weekend I looked around. I realized that a lot of people around me are more stressed than me. I mean... my dad was ending tax season. My brother has finals just like me, but he's a masters student. I guarantee his are harder. My roommates are adorable and...stressed. So I decided to take more of a "small acts of service" approach. I always have a to-do list with things like "write kayla a note!" and "call grandpa" but I never get around to those things. So this weekend I tried to do those little acts of service. I texted my dad and made my roommate's bed and made my brother one of his favorite treats. It's kind of weird to blog about this but yeah. It was a good weekend. And I realized that this really isn't something that I can't do every day. Making my roommate's bed took a minute, tops. And it was good to do something, even if small, for someone else.

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