Wednesday, December 31, 2014

saying goodbye to london.

Wow, it's been so long since I've blogged. It's been pretty busy since I got home!

After finals were finally over, we spent the last couple of days wandering London: going to our favorite spots, eating our favorite foods, and trying our best not to be too sad about leaving.

The Hannahs and I spent the morning riding the buses and hoping off whenever we wanted to. We found muffles {marshmellow truffles}, macaroons {they said they were delicious... I don't think there's such a thing as delicious macaroons}, and adorable little streets. We also spent a couple hours in the Natural History Museum, which, by the way, is architecturally incredible.

my eyes are closed... #GoMe
Then we spent the afternoon with all the girls of room two. We rode the London Eye at sunset then headed to Covent Gardens for dinner {which didn't work out... who knew we should make a reservation for 14 girls (; ???} We were given the perfect last day... sunny and blue skies. Oh London.

until the Shard was built, the London Eye {giant ferris wheel} was the tallest point in London!

Then we walked along the Thames and through the South Bank Christmas market. And it was beautiful and really, really sad.

And later that night Zoe showed us this video which looked exactly like walking down the Thames towards St. Pauls and all 14 of us sat on one bunk bed crying and yeah, that happened. I miss those girls.

After dinner, Hannah W and I rode the bus through all the London Christmas lights. We admired the windows of Harrods and just enjoyed the last night in London.

And to end our night, we had one last Study Abroad meeting to all say goodbye {it was past 11 p.m. hence the pjs}

BEST PROFESSORS EVER. I loved Professors Underwood & Benfell and Mama Underwood and Mama B!

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