Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mum, I'm transferring {& highlights since the last post}.

Hello! Believe it or not, I still exist. Blogging has gotten so hard. We're so busy and there's always so much to do! But here are some highlights from the last couple weeks {minus thanksgiving}...

{alright. this may be the longest post I've ever written. prepare yourself}

wow. St. Paul's is obviously an iconic piece of the London skyline, but I didn't understand just how incredible it was! For our day trip last week {two weeks ago?} we toured the cathedral. This also included the whispering gallery and climbing all 538 steps to the very top. You could say that the 5 flights of stairs up to our room has trained us for this. The view from the top was amazing and as we were taking pictures I realized just how much I love this city... Please don't make me go home.

Picture from the whispering gallery
St. Paul's from across the Thames.
it's been too many weeks so I can't exactly remember which pictures are from which, but let me tell you this... I'm transfering. {ok, jokes, not really.} Those campuses were unbelievable! The history!

Camden market, Christmas markets, Portabello road, Bourough market, you name it. We've been there AT LEAST once in the last couple weeks. I love these little markets!

>>>50 DAYS!
I hit my 50 day mark! I'm nervous and excited and every other emotion in between. But I'm ready for it. I'm now down to 42 days!

^RUSSIAN^ I can't believe how nervous I am. but it's all good because not being able to sleep well due to weird dreams is my favorite past time.
We got to tour Parliament as our London Excursion! {reasons study abroad is great...} It was so interesting! I'm going to a House of Commons debate on Friday and I'm really interested to see it. Although I've really been wanted to see Prime Minister Questions, but I didn't get tickets. OH. and on that note, I wrote my final paper in History on Margaret Thatcher. I've been interested in her since I watched "The Iron Lady" {it's on American Netflix} last year and I got to write about the difference between the movie and reality. SO INTERESTING. and still on that note... here is Thatcher's last question time as prime minister. It's pretty intense.

London Irish vs. Bath. Claire and I had a great adventure getting there... #thegreatclairicanadventure but so worth it! She has those pictures so I may have to add them later... I'm a fan of rugby! Trust me when I say I won't miss a single BYU Rugby game after my mission!

this is the most honest post card of our study abroad.

GUYS. I saw TWO Stradivarius violins in the Ashmolean museum in Oxford. REAL STRADIVARIUS VIOLINS. including the Messiah! And an original Amati violin, which looked almost identical to mine! {or maybe I have the real, original Amati violin and the Ashmolean had a copy? The world will never know.} You can easily say that the violinist in me was fangirling. and you could also say that I miss my violin a lot right now.

I'm going to miss my runs through this beautiful place! Runs are one of the very few times I'm alone so that's another big plus.

We went to the Parent Trap house! And yes, we did learn the handshake and took of video of it. But no, I can't find the video. But it really did happen.

How many people my age can say that they had the AMAZING opportunity to do baptisms in the London temple with 20 girls they live with and their professors and their wives? answer:me. It was an incredible experience and exactly what I needed. As we waited for each other we sang hymns and read scriptures. I love to see the temple! {photos stolen from Aimee's blog}

late night shenanigans//lots and lots of laughter
videos of the infamous meal... the BYU Bricken {brick-chicken} 2014. fear not, mom... most of the meals aren't like this.
this is from quite a while back but let's appreciate that we got Dr B to take a jumping picture with us!
We saw the Messiah preformed in Westminster Cathedral {Westminster Cathedral is not the same as Westminster Abbey, by the way}

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