Tuesday, December 9, 2014

ciao Roma!

For Thanksgiving break Hannah, Claire, Lisa, Lauren, Jess, and I went to ROME, ITALY! {plus Nick was there too!}

Prepare yourself for a lot of pictures.... On Thursday we went to the Vatican for most of the day. The Sistine Chapel is just as amazing as you think it would be! Overall, the entire day was great!

Thanksgiving Dinner!
Friday we went to the Coluseum, Forum, Pantheon, and several Piazzas. I LOVE ROME.

so much gelato...

We rented a flat called "The Vatican Palace"... look at that place!

My favorite building in the entire world! It's called the San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane. Yes, we made a special trip just to go here. Still incredible.
The Trevi Fountain was under construction. But we still threw in our pence coins for everlasting love, so we're covered!

And Saturday we wandered around and celebrated Jess's 22 birthday!

Well... that post was basically all pictures. But I LOVED Rome! The girls were tons of fun... so many laughs. {OH MY HEAVENS, LET'S MOZY!}

And that was how I spent Thanksgiving. and it was great.

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