Saturday, November 8, 2014

royal philharmonic, greenwich, scottsboro boys, & halloween.

wow, it's been awhile! you see, this week we went to paris. and last week we had midterms. and that took up most of my time. but since I have lots of new things to blog about {paris and the HARRY POTTER STUDIO TOUR} I might as well do a quick catch up of the couple weeks prior to Paris. 

Royal Philharmonic:

once again, why is study abroad amazing? because we go to the Royal Philharmonic as a group assignment. also... Prince Charles was there! So yes, yes I did watch a symphony concert with the prince. 

if you didn't know, I LOVE symphonies. I've played violin since I was seven and I played in our youth orchestra for almost as long {also... do you understand how great of a job teaching violin is compared to other minimum wage jobs?}. String instruments really are the best. 

The philharmonic played Beethovan's 9th symphony and it was amazing!

prince charles ^^^

greenwich is this cute little part of london we went to for our day trip. we took the ferry on the Thames and stopped by the Prime Meridian! we also got to visit some amazing architecture and, most importantly, a wonderful food market.

prime meridian!

we also got to visit a couple old british war ships!

it was pretty exciting.

future ceiling in my house... pretty stoked.


let's appreciate this huge ship in a bottle, shall we?

the queens house.

mini pancakes with strawberry and nutella. seriously though.
Saturday adventures: 

we decided to try something new for our saturday so we hopped on a tube and train and headed to a DIY market we had read about. turns out the market was... different... and we spent about 5 minutes there. but then we walked around the town. it was adorable! no tourists {except us...} and not so rich? It was definitely the hipster area of London. no, not BYU wanna-be hipster stylists, I'm talking long beards and vintage everything. also... cheap cupcakes. cheap, delicious, to-die-for cupcakes. I love adventures with my two favorite Hannahs.


halloween... meant a Hogwarts House Cup. no, I'm not kidding. you see, we've had a bit of a pottermore frenzy the last few weeks. {see the twitter screenshot from Zoe's blog} we all took the quiz and got sorted into our houses {gryffindor, obviously} so Halloween came around and after our special holiday dinner by Thais, we split into houses and fought for the house cup! harry potter trivia and minute to win it games all night long. we then did trick-or-treating to all the professor's flats and the student's rooms. twenty year olds plus one 12 year old. it was a blast and things got a little crazy {including Matt having to go to the hospital and get his head glued back together. dance parties, ya know.}

thanks to aimee and zoe for putting it together!

because why not be british flags for halloween?

Scottsboro Boys:

Jess and I headed out super early one morning to get day-of, front row tickets for Scottsboro Boys. WOW. it was incredible. it's an American history story told in a very unique way. the end was spectacular and so eye-opening. all I can say is that if you ever get the chance to watch this show, DO IT. especially if you can make friends with a 70 year old theater PHD professor from Texas who comes to London three times a year just to watch 20 shows per time. he was pretty cool {also, he was very good at telling us about what our political beliefs should be but whatever, we can look past it...}

right hand corner... gandolf. yep, we only hang with the best.

we stuck around after the show so we could meet some of the actors. they were awesome!
Even with all of the craziness of the week, we still managed to have some fun! Now... I should get back to reading A Tale of Two Cities or writing one of the papers due next week. Paris is the next post {once all of the above assignments are completed}

P.S. Today my best friend got married. and I couldn't be happier for her! I wish I could have been there, but oh well. I LOVE YOU KATIE!

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