Tuesday, October 2, 2012

what a week.

wow, that was, a long long long week.

and frustrating.

so, the biggest part of this week was when i deleted my facebook. and had kelsey change my password for pinterest. and tumblr. and i deleted my instagram app off my phone. and you know what? i got a ton done.

i did get my facebook back though, but nothing else. (merely because i don't really get on facebook very often)


sam brought me hot chocolate during choir (it was her open hour). oh, and it was from coffee trader. AKA the best hot chocolate in the entire world (i kid you not.)

my best friend > your best friend

after school, we had FCCLA cooking(:

then, i went home and did homework. (not too exciting)


tuesday, was not fun. i didn't do anything. except 7 hours of homework. i kid you not. SEVEN hours. it's amazing how much you can get done when there are no distractions. i literally sat at my kitchen table and did homework. i wasn't texting either, yeahhh... i got a lot done...


yeah, wednesday was a long day.
our FCCLA project got approved!!!!

and, yeah the vending machines got filled at school.

you're welcome.

the fccla girls understand (;


you know what? if you have a bad day, wear a sweatshirt. because i had done my homework so well on tuesday and wednesday, i let myself get a giant, soft, gray (although i bought a black one too) men's sweatshirt. and i wore it on thursday. and it made me very very happy(:

i went to voice lessons, stats study session (at coffee trader... i got hot chocolate) and english seminar. busy i tell you.

oh, one thing i forgot to mention. we had a test in english on thursday (that's part of my seven hours of homework on tuesday) and everyone failed it, so i was freaking out because i didn't want to fail it. seriously. hardest test ever. possibly worse than AP chemistry was...


i got an 87%.

not to brag or anything, but i was so insanely happy i cried when i found out. (seriously, tears.)

i worked hard for that B+ (or is that just a b?). i stayed up so late wednesday, studied before school, during lunch, during every class basically, and my entire open hour (which is 90 minutes on thursdays). and now i never want to read about Oedipus or Antigone or Job or tragedy in general ever again. EVER AGAIN.

p.s., this is a random note. my ring broke last week. like, just broke. i didn't know rings could do that....

you know what's even better than wearing a giant sweatshirt? wear socks with toms. i know it might look strange, but it seriously think it made my day wonderful (oh, i wore bootleg pants so you couldn't really tell...) and it was great. my entire friday (during the day) was great!
and i came home...
and saw this(:
my mommy's homemade jam. you don't understand how delicious this stuff is. you don't.

then there was a football game, but sam and kelly and kelsey couldn't go so it was no bueno cuz it was just caitlin and i (deal with it, i'm friends with my best friends sister)... bbuuutt it was super boring so we left early. and i came home and sat on my couch and watched The Blind Side. basically, the best movie ever. i just really wasn't in a social mood. like whatsoever...
let's just say it wasn't a fantastic friday night.

sooo... saturday i woke up, and went with Denise to take more senior pictures... (my mother believes in tons of pictures, ok??)... then, i did homework. all day. all stinkin day. until i had to work. thhheennn after work, i went to...
KATIE'S BIRTHDAY PARTY (aka a scary movie and a barn dance)
scary move= not so awesome. (ya know, my deathly fear of scary movies...)
barn dance= freakin awesome
thhheenn, the few kids that didn't have an early curfew sat in the barn, wrapped in blankets, and talked. it's true. we talked for hours. until after one a.m... but then i had to go home cuz i do have a curfew. but it was amazing. in fact, it was so great that i made me really really sad... because, in less then a year i can't have these talks with Erik, Katie, Hayden, and Martell. because i'll be at college. and none of my friends will be there. it literally breaks my heart, because i love them all soo much. it's not even funny.

not the best picture in the world, sorry...

overall, it was a long week. filled with homework to the brim, no tumblr and pinterest (it's killin me, i can't even tell you) and... well, the realization that i won't be able to hang out with my amazing friends in less than a year. and i can't even tell you how sad that makes me. so, not the best week, but it could have been worse...

sunday was a fantastic day! (other than the fact that i was super tired). after church, i went to katie's house (again) cuz we had forgotten to eat her birthday cake...

this cake was... the best ice cream, cookie dough cake ever. ever. 

annnddd, we successfully put katie's dogs in their fence. it took a lot of effort... but we wanted to eat in the grass without dogs sniffing around...

then, us girls sat their, eating cake, and talking for like two hours... oh, and mikelle gave a spiritual thought(:

yeepp, that was sunday...

ummm... homework, homework, homework. family home evening, dinner, homework, tthheenn... Kelly, Caitlin, Katie, and I got on Google plus chat and worked on our FCCLA project(:

tthheennn... katie and i discovered the beautifulness that is facetime. seriously. we have never facetimed... what the heck's wrong with us?!?!

so, obviously, that means that we facetimes for an hour last night(:

mainly, making weird faces at each other... and cleaning our rooms while we talked... it was great fun(:


sooo... during open hour, kelsey and i wanted food. because we like food... but then, we made the wise and healthy decision to go get water from sonic (cuz of the awesome ice) and it was fantastic(:

aannnddd.. that was it...

in less then two days i will be in...

Washington DC!!!

visiting ryan and tiffany...
be jealous(:

Erica Michelle

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