Friday, October 19, 2012

dear blog.

dear blog. i am very sorry that i have been neglecting you. really really sorry. especially since i haven't gotten on tumblr or pinterest for a like a month now either. i'm sorry. the last couple of weeks have been... well, stressful. really really stressful. AP US History stresses me out. AP Stats stresses me out. FCCLA stresses me out (i'm Scenic Country District President but i'll tell you that in a while). AP English sorta stresses me out, but not that much. NHS stresses me out. Violin stresses me out. All-State and Adam's state Honor Choirs auditions stress me out. Photography stresses me out. and the list goes on, but i won't bore you too much. speaking of photography, my beautiful best friend let me take pictures of her last night!! (:

this, my dear friends is kelsey(: the first person that i've ever taken pictures of!! (like, with real photography, ya know)...

but anyways, more on that later! i have to work tonight- no football game :(
but after i get home, i've got a long long long long to do list for this weekend, and blogging about Washington DC, and life in general, is on that list(:

Erica Michelle

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