Saturday, December 14, 2013

the things I haven't posted about.

winter formal dance, finals week, temple square, rumbi grill, you know.... just the usual.

First and foremost...

^^^After my awesome news about London, Kayla, Cady and I decided to celebrate with some Rumbi Grill! {I know we're poor college students but sometimes you just have to embrace, right?!?} Rumbi Grill is probably one of my favorite restaurants in the whole world and for some crazy reason Kayla had NEVER been there! {it's a pity, I know.} It was on our roommate bucket list too... so it worked out perfectly (:

p.s. can I just say that I literally have no idea how I could have possibly gotten a better roommate? This girl is the absolute BEST.

^^^Also, this week I spent 99% of my "free time" {if that's what you call it} writing papers. I did, however, turn in my last paper at 10 o'clock last night... so I'm home free {minus a project, 2 essays, and 5 finals...}

^^^Thursday night was the annual Helaman Halls Winter Formal Invitational!! Hunter asked me to go and it was an absolute blast! It could not have been better. Hunter is a cool guy, folks. I also got to get ready with the beautiful Cady with Kayla helping us along the way, a major plus!

I honestly have no idea what I would do at college without this girl!
The adventures we have are marvelous!
{photo credit goes to my awesome roomie}

this is considered our awkward picture for the evening. yes it was intentionally strange.
Can we talk about how much better mormon/BYU dances are?? Because they are sooo much better than highschool. so much. Plus this dance had everything. Fancy desserts, ice sculptures, carriage rides, crafts {it's a mormon dance, guys. of course.}, pictures... you name it! They've spent the last two days decorating for it. Seriously the best.

^^^Last Saturday our ward went to Temple Square to see the Christmas Lights. Every single year that I can remember, I've gotten to see them, and every single year they never fail to amaze me!

^^^Last night, Cady and I studied at the library for... a little while... six or seven hours. At about 11:30 we realized that the library life was not how we wanted to spend our last Friday night of this semester, so we decided to go watch Home Alone with some friends at the Dollar Theater at 12:30 {yes, there was a movie starting at 12:30 a.m.} Can we talk about how wonderful a dollar theater {that actually costs 2 dollars} is?? REALLY REALLY WONDERFUL. Also, spending more time at the library than anywhere else during your waking hours for the last week makes a person go a bit crazy. Let's just say, if you're in the mood to laugh at absolutely everything, Home Alone is the best movie choice there is.

^^^Lastly, we finished the first season of The Paradise. and since we live in America we can't watch the second season. rough life I tell you. the only problem with British Television. ahhh.

Now, just finals week ahead then home for Christmas! It'll be weird because I'm leaving my best friends and my home... to go home to my best friends and my home. College is crazy. And I'm loving every single minute of it.

Erica Michelle


  1. I want to do a guest post on your blog, and you on mine. But I don't understand how it works.

  2. You guys all look so nice dressed up for the Winter Formal!