Wednesday, December 11, 2013


today was a great day to begin with. I mean, I only have 2 papers left to write this week, I got an A on a science test I didn't think I would do well on, and I won free Jamba Juice.

oh. and I got accepted to the

BYU London Study Abroad Program Fall 2014

so, yeah, 3 1/2 months living in london next fall? Sounds alright to me. I would say that today was the best day ever. You know how I've wanted to do a study abroad in London for the last, ohhhhh, 5 years? WELL. it's happening!! One email, some screaming for joy, then crying out of happiness, and BOOM. this girl is moving to LONDON!! you know what else this means? It means that I now have a justified reason for spending ten minutes every night before I go to bed reading blogs from girls on study abroad. fantastic.

google images

I hope your day is going as fantastically as mine (:

Erica Michelle

ps I'm sorry if you're following me on other social media because I definitely posted my awesome news EVERYWHERE!

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